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Eastern Carolina Points

Price: $3.00
Tee Shirts

Price: $15.00
A History of African Americans in North Carolina
by Jeffrey J. Crow, Paul D. Escott, Flora D. Hatley

A New Voyage to Carolina
by John Lawson

Price: $27.00
Bath: The First Town in North Carolina
by Alan D. Watson
with Eva C. (Bea) Latham and Patrica M. Samford

Price: $3.00
Indian Wars in North Carolina, 1663 - 1763
by E. Lawrence Lee

Price: $12.00
James City
A Black Community in North Carolina, 1863 - 1900
by Joe A. Mobley 

Price: $12.00
Native Carolinians
The Indians of North Carolina
by Theda Perdue and Christopher Arris Oakley

Price: $12.00
North Carolina as a Civil War Battleground, 1861 - 1865
by John Gilchrist Barrett

Price: $12.00
North Carolina's Role in the Spanish-American War
by Joseph F. Steelman

Price: $5.00
Sir Walter Raleigh and the New World
by John W. Shirley

Price: $10.00
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